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Prepping for a targeted selection interview can be overwhelming. But to remain underwhelmed, you have to prepare well to give that employer your best. To prepare, follow these steps and try your best to remain calm and confident.

Firstly, take time out to research about the organization. You will most likely be able to ace the job when you prove to them that you know who they are and how things are run. Check the organization’s official website, ask questions around and study their products/services. The key idea is to know where you are intending to work.

Carefully, compare the skills you have and the qualifications you possess with the job requirements for the position you are applying for. Know where the position fits in the organization and what resolve you should have to function there. Know the office you can liaise with, give and take instructions from. Make an outline of the company’s expectations from the candidate that they will most likely give the job. It will be good if you compare and contrast the job description with that of other organizations.

Plan your responses. Study target interview questions and craft very smart answers to them. Know the kind of response you will give for those tricky questions they will test you with. Having the answers beforehand makes your confident and competent at first sight. Plan to be smart and professional in answering questions. Craft your grammar well and hone your communications skills.

Lastly, look and act smart. Your outfit should be suitable for the function and your attitude must relay some discipline.  Do not wear shrunk or faded clothes. Do not talk until you are asked to. Be attentive all the way. Have some ethics and etiquette to show to them.


To ace your dream job, you have to know how to get across your experience and skills with specific answers to unique questions the interview may ask you. The followings are targeted selection questions and best practiced targeted selection answers to them as suggested in some succeeding works of Elton Mayo. Each of these uses the STAR technique.

Interviewer: Tell us about a challenging situation in your previous job(s) and how you made it through.

Interviewee: In my Specialist role at Groupon it was my responsibility to initiate sales calls with re-feature merchants. These are the accounts that have used Groupon once and have the opportunity to create a new campaign through the Groupon platform.  I was having trouble developing rapport with the merchants so I sought advice from knowledgeable colleagues to help me build a rapport.  I learned how to craft personable emails and dialogue for the merchants.  As a result, I learned more about the accounts and successful resigned 75% of my client list.

Interviewer: Describe a time when you took the initiative to do something when it wasn’t your responsibility to do so.

Interviewee: (Situation/Task) The past two years, I have been in a mentor program. During the course of the program, I noticed there were many other student and alumni matches in our area, but we didn’t have a formal way to connect with each other.

(Action) When I became aware of this, I scheduled a time to meet with the mentor program coordinator to talk about ways to increase our networks. We developed a plan to start a blog for participants to talk about their experiences and share insights from the program.

(Result) As a result of our thoughtful approach we increased networking opportunities among the members in the program. It was a huge success! (CEHD Career Services at the University of Minnesota)

Targeted Selection Interview tip: you should add, “I can implement the same strategy here or lead initiatives for new strategies to increase the company’s network just like I did in my current role”.

This helps separate you from the competition.  It gives the recruiter an idea of exactly how they would benefit from having you in this role and what problems you can solve.

Interviewer: Describe an occasion when you felt the decision maker was not coming to right conclusion. What did you do?

Interviewee: The crisis came as a result of rebellion over delayed payment of salaries because the business was going bankrupt. As the adviser to my boss, I urged him to secure a loan from a bank to pay his workers up, and to use the leftover to invest. He is profiting from that advice as we speak.

Interviewer: What has been your biggest achievement in your last role?

Interviewee: I keenly identify which tasks are most important. In my previous we had to come up with a marketing campaign for customers of the school.  I suggested to my boss we start a pizza giveaway program for students at the end of semesters, selecting and compiling a list of the most regular customers in the school. The students were thrilled winning free pizzas, and they buy lots to stand a chance at the end.  This created a new stream of revenue and is currently profiting $500/week after only 3 months.

Let me know what you think of these questions. Leave a comment below.