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Sharing Economy Partners…This one’s for You.

I’m going to get straight to it and tell you about this new idea from The Advertising League. But first, if you didn’t catch it in the above title, to take advantage of this opportunity you MUST be a ride share driver (Uber, Lyft, or another trusted brand) or be a delivery partner for Postmates, Grubhub, Ubereats, Instacart, Taskrabbit, AmazonFlex, or Doordash (did I miss any?).

So that a total of 9 partnership.

Ok, so what is it?

The Advertising League is partnering with top brands to advertise on your car. Wait, before you bail. Let me make you aware that it is not in the ugly way that you are thinking in your mind. Maybe some of you are even screaming out loud, “I don’t want to wrap my car”. Don’t worry!

Image result for pick up a date in your carYou will not have to drive around embarrassed to go pick up a date or to your kids soccer games.

No matter what graphics they add you never feel as cool as this picture makes you think you will:

Doesn’t that car just scream, “I’m headed to a high school to teach teens about driver safety”? Of course it does. That’s one reason people DO NOT want to hear about advertising on their cars.  Okay, I am not talking about everyone here, but the majority of people couldn’t be paid enough to do it. Not even for $495/month. it’s really hard to find people who will do that. I had a friend who needed money and decided to go borrow $500 from a title loan company only to pay them back $550 rather than slap a wrap on her car. I thought she was crazy, but she made some good points on why she didn’t want to do it.

Here are some of her points:

  1. It’s ugly (I know. We established that)
  2. It stands out too much which mean cops are going to notice her and remember her car.  If they didn’t get you this time for turning right on a red without stopping maybe they’ll get me next time just because their having a bad day and want to share the wealth. (Um, this is plausible. A blue Honda, is a blue Honda and doesn’t get maintained in the membrane like a wrapped vehicle. Okay, I’ll give her that one)
  3. Plus, I don’t want to look like I’m at work all the time.
  4. Criminals get more interested in it too, not just consumers.

I tried and tried to convince her, but she just wouldn’t budge. I did a lot of reach and also found out that campaigns (brands who want to advertise on cars) are far and few in between. However, they do come around, but because each car is so expensive to wrap, most brands only request 1 or wraps at a time, and they only want to leave wraps on for a month or two.

Getting back to How to Make the Extra $800/year in just a second

I just caught myself down a rabbit hole but I one to make one more point for those who want to consider branding on their cars.

  1. It takes a while to get the wrap in place. Some companies request you leave your car for a WHOLE day at a shop while the wrap is applied. Can you go a whole day without your car? The good news it that you get a free rideshare ride to and from your house. Whoopie! In the house the whole day.
  2. There is a rather long waiting list. Despite my friend’s opinion people want money. They don’t care if they look like they work for Petco like in the video below.  That being said people are signing up, but because of the same order quantity and the small number of campaigns it’ll be a very long time before you are a chosen candidate.
  3. If you are a ride share driver, you’re driver ratings are going to plummet! “Plummet you say?!” Yes! Plummet I say.  What a way to kill the rider experience looking like you are being dropped off by your fellow co-worker.  I can hear the subreddit Lyft community “it’s not against the terms of service”. So what! Your riders are going to hate you for it and your rating will fall. You know what that means. Ipso facto you will be deactivated.

Luckily, we don’t have to worry about this with AdTags, because they are hidden in plain sight.

What are AdTags?

AdTags are cleaver, simple forms of advertising that will put more money in your bank account. It’s advertising hidden in plain sight. Here’s how it works:

According to an out-of-home advertising study by Nielsen, drivers, on average, spend over three hours in their car every weekday. Plus, the average consumer spends 70% of their time outside the home. When you add those two factors, plus many other branding inside newspapers and magazines just doesn’t bring value to brands.

Branding on cars, if done right, will get more consumers in the door. Why? Think about a moving billboard (movement attracts the eye to keep us out of danger) will a pizza on it.  The friend or spouse calls and asks “want to get something to eat?”. What do you do?

Maybe you already wanted steak. Understandable, but then you see the ad again, and again. In fact, you see it seven more times before you get home because the moving billboard was right in front of you. Do you still want steak? Yeah you do. I’m not here to post a magic trick. You want what you want.

But, let’s try another scenario in which you have no idea what you want to eat, but you’re hungry. It’s been a long day, you’re stuck in traffic and you realize, there’s nothing to eat in the fridge. (Has this ever been you?) Now you’re seeing the $5 meal deal special at one of those places you eat only when you’re really hungry. You know the ones: KFC, Subway, Little Caesars, Taco Bell. You see it once. Twice. Again and again all the way home.

You’re hungry and defensive-less against The power of suggestion.  Because it’s hard to think when you’re hungry, you take the suggestions and get into the drive-thru to get something to eat.  It works.

(I’m hungry just thinking about it, but I must write on.)

That’s why The Advertising League created AdTags.  Advertising that goes on the back of your car, around the frame of your license plate, and in place of the front plate [19 states plus a few Canadian territories do not require a front license plate].

As the driver, you attach the plates to your car, and verify each month that the plates are still there with a picture. From my understanding campaigns are 3-6 months but some will last longer. You have to keep the plate on for at least 3 month and return it at the end of the campaign. The longer you leave it the more you get paid as you will see in the break down below.

Time for the best part.  Finally, we get to the question on your mind…”How much can you earn?”

Here’s a breakdown:

Sign up below to become and AdTagger.

Is this a great idea or a wack idea? Let me know you think. Leave a comment below.